New Generation of Solar lighting

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Solar lighting can last all night

Bright effective permanent or temporary lighting solution. No wiring required

Mounting Options

Solar Walkway and Area Lights are best pole mounted to avoid any possible shadow from building or trees.

Where possible angle solar panel towards south.


BS4165 Solar Light Base & 1.5 Metre Pole £65.00 + VAT

BS4172 Solar Light Pole Extension £27.00 + VAT

(Includes Pole and joining bracket)
BS4165 & BS4172 shown here with Solar Area / Plaza Light fitted

BS4189 Solar Sensor Light Pole Connection Kit £15.00 + VAT

(includes 2 x U bolts plates and all fixings)

Typically mount at 3 metres high for best performance. The ideal pole has a diameter of 60.3mm and would be galvanised steel. A scaffold pole is ideal if In the event that the solar light is to be moved from site to site then a wide heavy base will be needed.

Always consider weight of product and any outside factors likely to affect stability, in particular windy conditions.

Always weigh down post support with concrete blocks or sand bags

  • Bolt it to the ground or place concrete blocks on the base to steady the bracket
  • Attach to an existing post with strong banding
  • Post mount gives full 360 degree range of movement on lights
  • Galvanised means it is resistant to weather corrosion

Pole not included with lights.  Fits to standard scaffold pole – up to 60mm