New Generation of Solar lighting

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Solar lighting can last all night

Bright effective permanent or temporary lighting solution. No wiring required

BS4134 - Stand-alone Solar Area Light 900 £373.50 + VAT

Ideal for commercial and amenity installations
Technical Details - Click here to download instructions


No wiring or mains power required for this independent solar powered light. The powerful integrated solar panel charges the built-in battery from daylight to power the energy efficient LEDs after dark. It is as powerful as a 100 Watt standard GLS light bulb providing 900 lumens of light in a 360 degree area.

Recommended for drives, walkways, car parks, and gardens. The area light is ideal for hotels, pubs, parks, marinas, festival and event organisers and any one who wants effective lighting away from the mains.


The lamp includes a photocell so it only operates after dusk and has a battery big enough to ensure all night operation for up to 3 days from a full charge, making this unit ideal for most applications in Northern Europe even after dull December days.


Operation is automatic. The first 5 hours are on full power before dimming by 25%, There is a hidden "Off / Auto" button if the lamp is not required or to store a full charge.


The lamp is best mounted on a pole at 3-4 metres from the ground. It can be placed in almost any location though it is important to avoid shadow from buildings or trees. It is not suitable for mounting on a building and requires a pole, ideally placing the light 3-4 metres from the ground.


The pole can be permanently installed or mounted in a portable base. There are several alternative mounting suggestions on the web site together with possible sources of supply. The unit is substantial and a firm mounting is required in windy or exposed locations.

Stand-alone off-grid lighting solutions that last all night long to provide amenity, safety and security lighting for public, business and domestic spaces.

Features and Benifits:

  • Aluminum alloy case, Patent integrated design
  • 900 Lumens brightness equal to 100W normal lamp
  • 15.6W solar panel and battery can be replaced
  • Photocell Night sensor to operate from dusk to dawn
  • 360° surround lighting angle
  • Support 3 nights after full charging
  • Easy to install and Auto on/off/PIR
  • IP65 Weatherproof
  • Operating temperature -25 to 65 degrees C
  • Pole mount - not supplied
  • Modern attractive design
  • Ideal for lighting paths, yards and driveways
  • Effective charging even in low light
  • Lights all night and bright for first 5 hours
  • Illuminates wide area
  • Night after night battery reserves
  • No wiring, no cabling no trenches
  • For all outdoor applications
  • Use in winter or summer
  • Poles not included with lights. We recommend a 60mm+/-diameter pole such as those used for scaffolding.

Specification Detail
Solar panel (Estimated life of 10 years) 15W, 17% efficiency
Li-ion battery (Replaceable, expected life 1000 cycles) 3.7V  13000mAh
LED (Expected life 50,000hours /10 years) 2700K -6500K LED 9W, 900lums
Lighting mode 5Hrs high bright + 7hours 25% low light
Material Aluminum alloy + ABS
Solar charging time based on 1000/m2 9-10 hours by bright sunlight
Lighting time from full charge Over 3 nights
Light Dimensions 52.6 x 16.3cm
Weight 6kgs
Box size 56x 22 x 56cm / 6.5kg
Outer carton 2pcs / carton, 16kgs / carton
Warranty: 2 years
BAR CODE: 5060006144134 LIST PRICE £373.50 + VAT