How to light a walkway or path without costly mains electricity

A range of solar lights that can be sited where mains power is not readily available. No need to dig trenches or lay potentially dangerous power cables. Simply place the lamp in the desired position and ensure the PV panel is in a bright unshaded position.

Operation is automatic providing illumination when it is needed. The first 5 hours are on full 500 -1000 lumen power before dimming by 25%, unless motion is detected by the PIR motion detector to switch from energy saving low light mode to full power.

Ideal for camp sites, holiday parks and outdoor events. The unit is encased in virtually indestructible rustproof aluminium waterproof housing. The Hi Tec solar panel and new Li-On battery combine with state of the art LED technology to make most effective solar lights for lighting away from the mains.

BS4110 Garden Steps - Night

  1. No wiring or mains power required for this independent solar powered light.
  2. Elegant integrated design aluminum weatherproof (IP65) alloy case. Pole mount (Not supplied)
  3. 5Hrs high bright light, 500 -1000 lumens (similar to 120 Watt GLS) then dims by 25% till dawn, unless triggered by PIR
  4. Choice of models including lamp with cable to solar panel for indoor or shaded installations.
  5. Typically lighting time, from full charge 3 days. Charge fully in 9-10 hours of bright sunlight
  6. Every installation is provided with free electricity!

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